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Public Guided tour at 2.30 pm Venue
Palaeo Evening at MONREPOS Venue
Breakfast and guided tour for couples Venue

Open Science

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Open Science: A part of our research!

MONREPOS lifts the lid on research

and shows the importance of early human archaeology for understanding ourselves, and the role it can play in answering questions raised by the socio-political dialogue. Open science is a part of our research. It thrives on dialogue and serves as a nursery for future research questions.

New questions, innovative or tried and tested event formats, and curious and involved participants guarantee an enthralling exchange of ideas.
We are also happy to consider your suggestions.

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Rudolf Virchow Lecture

The oldest public lecture series dedicated to the archaeology of early humans

For almost 30 years we have organized the Rudolf Virchow Lectures in honour of the famous doctor, politician and archaeologist. This is our way of remembering the internationally best known German scientist of our discipline.

And at the same time we communicate important new results of research to the general public. The open lecture and the presentation of an award to the guest speaker take place annually in the royal Schlosstheater in Neuwied. Admission is free.

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Lecture Series

MONREPOS archaeologists report from time to time on their current research into our earliest human history. They present their results within the

context of Palaeolithic living environments, discuss their relevance for society and describe archaeological methodology.