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For individualists and team players

„UnderstandIng HUMANYity" extends  an invitation for you to explore the early human heritage within us on your own. Even repeat visitors will keep stumbling  across new facets and information... and study them as the fancy takes them. Of course, we don't leave you completely on your own: with our guided tours and workshops you embark on an exciting journey to yourself.

We offer topical background, practical archaeological experience, enjoyment, creativity and most of all, lots of fun. Our guided tours and workshops have been designed working in close collaboration with educational psychologists.

Exciting, eventful days for all the family

Museum | Information for visitors | Families & Children

will come true in Monrepos.

What goes on at Monrepos and what turns a visit there into an unforgettable experience? If as a family you are curious about interesting questions which have exciting answers then Monrepos is the right place for you! There’s a lot to discover! The new permanent exhibit „MenschlICHes VERSTEHEN / understandIng HUMANity“ takes you on a thrilling journey through 2.5 million years of human behavioural evolution. Why am I the way I am? Why do we need a family? Why do I love fries and fatty food? Why am I so angry? When did authority or belief or liking to party enter our world? Why am I so creative and forever inventing new things and always curious?
Visitors of all ages can discover out what archaeologists have learned about these questions from their finds in our amazingly playful and entertaining guided tours and workshops, our children’s’ birthday events and our school holiday programmes – and all this against the wonderfully situated backdrop of Monrepos.

Family Guided Tour

Once a week there is a guided tour specially aimed at families. Our science guides / agents have applied their expertise in communicating with children of all ages to the development of a special version of the basic guided tour. This allows parents of small and older children to relax and have lots of fun together while learning about „MenschlICHes VERSTEHEN / understandIng HUMANity“.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price per adult: € 3,- / per child € 2,- plus normal museum admission

Group price (maximum 20 persons) € 40, - plus normal museum admission


Every Saturday, 3 pm (reservation necessary)

School Holiday Programme

During the school holidays we offer a specially developed programme for children’s groups of different ages

In our  Bistro Heimathirsch (open Tuesday – Saturday from 12 am – 6 pm, Sunday and holidays from
10 am - 6 pm), or on its panoramic terrace, families can enjoy refreshments and think over what they have just experienced, or perhaps just by chance discover that “something special” in our Museum shop .

Museum | Information for visitors | Children's birthday

Children’s birthdays

We researchers know:
People have thrown parties for 40,000 years

In MONREPOS, we can offer you plenty of things to do on the most important day in your year. Together with your friends you can discover the thrilling, fantastical and amazing things that have happened during the incredibly long story of humanity. On your birthday take a prehistoric voyage and capture the past 2.5 million years.

Inquisitive children will find many interesting things to do at MONREPOS:
You explore the exhibition; you make Stone Age jewellery and prehistoric tools. Or you become an archaeologist and carry out your own excavation in our Stone Age cave. You’d prefer to run about? Then you can be more active shooting with a bow and arrows or taking part in our Stone Age Olympic Games.

We look forward to meeting you and your birthday guests!

Our offer

Birthday party for 10 children and 2 carers
Age: from 5 to around 12
Duration: 2 hours
Inclusive price: € 90.00

- admission
- child-friendly guided tour through the exhibit
- creative play and handicraft activities

Choice of themes

From 5 years old:
- “Let there be light” – making a Stone Age lamp
- “On the excavation”
- “Looking good…” make Stone Age jewellery with Stone Age tools
- Stone Age Olympic Games

From 8 years old (additional)
- “On a knife’s edge” – make your own Stone Age knife
- “A hunting we will go” – Using bow and arrows and a spearthrower

You can order food and drink from our Museum Bistro “Heimathirsch” or may choose to bring something along yourself.

Inclusive price: € 90.00

Reservations and further information



Museum | Information for visitors | Schools

Monrepos - Learning a Lesson

Monrepos has been recognized as an extracurricular teaching facility since 2008

We teach lessons for life!
We build on our personal experience and reinforce social competence and creativity – skills just as vital for early humans as at the present day. We communicate the latest archaeological research first hand: The guided tours and workshops were conceived by archaeologists and educationalists working together. Schooled personnel assure the quality of their implementation.

Our work 
- is interactive
- contextualizes
- relies on competence
- is aligned to the subject curriculum
- is interdisciplinary
- is oriented to career and study

Our Offer:
Our standard programme comprises a guided tour through our exhibition "UnderstandIng HUMANity" and a thematically linked workshop. A visit to MONREPOS combines various elements illuminating experience and perspectives relevant to society, technology, space and time. 

Guided tours and workshops are aimed at school classes from all age groups and types of school. Topics covered are recruited from history, biology, geography, and art, but also treat essential ethical and philosophical questions.
We design specific experiential educational offers for kindergartens, day care, project weeks, and youth groups:

Programme duration: 2 hours
- Workshop:     35.00 EUR
- Guided tour:  35.00 EUR
- Material expenses for each pupil:   1,50 EUR
- Admission for each pupil:   2.50 EUR

A maximum of 2 accompanying adults per class have free admission.

We are happy to advise you of further possibilities by telephone.




Museum | Information for visitors | Guided tours & Workshops

Our unique guided tours and workshops accompany you and intensify your journey to the roots of your own personality


You'll be surprised how entertaining your learning experience will be, employing fun and special effects. The guided tours and workshops were developed in cooperation with educational psychologists and the numerous integrated and personalized "aha" experiences inspire visitors to an unusually intense examination of the exhibition - and of themselves!

We offer 3 different kind of tours for individuals and groups:

Basic Guided Tour

„MENSCHLICHES VERSTEHEN / understandIng HUMANity" - why we are how we are.

Experience a fascinating overview of archaeological investigations and their relevance for everyday life. This tour is suitable for groups of all ages with no previous knowledge. It will be accompanied by science mediators or archaeologists.

Duration: 45 minutes
Price per adult: € 3.00 / per child (6 or older) € 2.00 plus normal museum admissiont
Group price (maximum 20 persons) € 40.00 plus normal museum admmision

Dates for Basic Guided Tour:

- Guided Tour open to the public every Sunday at 2.30 pm
(no reservation, maximum of 20 participants)
- With reservation: Wednesday, 3 pm
- With reservation: “Family” Guided Tour Saturday, 3 pm

- Group tours (maximum 20 persons) can be arranged by appointment


Our tip: Guided Tour and Breakfast
With reservation: every Sunday from 10 am, including a Basic Guided Tour at 11.30 am
Inclusive price: € 17.50 per person; € 30.00 for two persons

Action tours

Our Action Tours examine riveting episodes in our behavioural development accompanied by a MONREPOS Guide. This transforms our (inter)active and communicative tours into a unique group experience. The MONREPOS-Guides are a team of professional actors who describe the exhibit using a combination of acting, archaeological knowledge and psychological experiments. They forge a link to „MenschlICHes VERSTEHEN” / “understandIng HUMANity”

Duration: 60 minutes
Price per adult: € 4.00 / per child (aged 6 or older) € 3.00 plus normal museum admission
Group price (maximum 20 persons) € 54.00 plus normal museum admission

You can choose from three themes.

A. "How we conquered the world":  How we became brilliant inventors and discoverers and as team players finally took over the top job. Curiosity, cleverness, courage and trust determined the early period of human development from the first humans to the Neanderthals.

B. "How we created beliefs, a home and the world tour":  Sensuality, the supernatural, vanity, erotic flirts and serious disagreements – all of these determine our coexistence. And never as intensively as at the time of the first modern humans in Europe. These home-loving globe-trotters first defined in us the many aspects and fine distinctions of our human togetherness.

C. "How we need and use power": Taking on responsibility, self realization –  are today to ken for granted. But in the perspective of human evolution these are quite new phenomena. Looking back shows just how quickly we can turn into unscrupulous power mongers. When perspectives are displaced and self interest gains the upper hand

This offer is aimed at all those visitors who would like an exhibit experience focused on providing stimulating insights into a specific theme. No matter whether organized by businesses, clubs or families, your events and excursions will here be transformed into a special and informative shared experience.

Dates for Action Tours

- With reservation: Sunday, 3.30 pm
- Group tours by appointment (maximum of 20 participants)

Researcher Tours

Researcher Tours explain background and methods of archaeology. They show how archaeologists can decipher and order the clues to human behavioural development.

Guided tours last 60 min.
Group price (maximum 20 persons) € 48.00 plus normal museum admission
Group tours by appointment

You can choose from three themes:

"What do animal bones tell us about our living conditions?": Finds of bones play an especially important role in the deciphering of early human history. In the laboratory zooarchaeologists can read the information contained in the bones about climate, the ancient landscape, diet and much more.

"What do stone tools tell us about our lives?": With the right methods the archaeologist can use even simple stone tools to reconstruct how old they are, how they were made and used, and how people moved through the landscape or what contacts they had with each other.

"What can we learn about our behaviour from the climate?": Humans have always lived with climate change and our behaviour is intimately linked to the environment. Using various scientific methods archaeologists can reconstruct and date changes in the climate and correlate these with observed developments in human behaviour.

Bookings and further information

We require a confirmed booking for all Guided Tour appointments, except for the public Basic Guided Tour on Sunday at 2.30 pm. We look forward to your call and are happy to provide you with personalized advice for planning the event of your travel group, company, family or club.


Museum | Information for visitors | Travel and bus agencies


A visit to MONREPOS is the icing on the cake during your next trip to the Romantic Rheinland.

We will be happy to advise you about planning your stay including guided tours, workshops and catering.
We offer special conditions for bus and travel companies.


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Opening Times & Directions


Museum opening times

January - December:

Tuesday - Sunday and Holidays 10 am - 5 pm

Guided tours for school classes and other groups are also possible by appointment on other days.



from 6 years:
group of 15 or more children:

4,00 EUR
3,00 EUR


per person:
group of 15 or more adults:

6,00 EUR
5,00 EUR


will receive 20 % discount

Discount (identification)

People with handicap:

4,00 EUR
4,00 EUR
4,00 EUR

Directions & Parking

By car

Our address for your SatNav: 56567 Neuwied, Schloss Monrepos
GPS-Data for the visitor car park: N 50° 28.794, E 007° 26.709

Arriving from Koblenz using the B42:
Follow the B42 in the direction of Bonn until Neuwied. In Neuwied pass the first traffic light junction and continue on the B42 (now Berggärtenstraße) until the next major traffic light junction. Here leave the B42, turning right onto the L255 (Rasselsteiner Strasse) and following the signs for Waldbreitbach / Wiedtal / Altwied / Segendorf / Niederbieber / Heddesdorfer Berg. Stay on this road until Niederbieber. In Niederbieber leave the main road where this bends right and follow signs for Wiedtal / Monrepos. Then take the first road to the left ("Am Hammergraben") and cross the bridge over the River Wied. Immediately after the bridge turn right to Segendorf and drive straight ahead through the village following signs for Monrepos. A sharp right bend puts you on Monrepos Strasse, continue up the steep and winding road past the last houses and through forest until you reach the large open car park on the right hand side.

Arriving from Bonn using the B42: 
Arriving from Bonn using the B42:
Follow the B42 in the direction of Linz / Neuwied. After passing signs for Neuwied-Feldkirchen / Irlich leave the B42 to the left onto the K112, following signs for the Neuwied suburbs of Rodenbach / Heldenberg. Follow the road through Rodenbach until the village of Segendorf. At the first T-Junction (Guesthouse Waldesruh) turn left and from here follow directions as for arriving from Koblenz / B42.

Arriving using the A48:
Leave the A48 motorway at the junction Bendorf / Neuwied (close to the Rhine bridge) and follow the B42 in the direction of Neuwied. From here follow directions as for arriving from Koblenz / B42.

The car park for cars and coaches is located only 200m from the Museum.

Public Transport

The bus service 59 runs to Neuwied-Segendorf, after which there is a ca. 40 minute (in places steep) uphill walk to Museum Monrepos.

Taxi and Hire Vehicle

We recommend that small groups arriving from the town of Neuwied do so by taxi or hire vehicle. The taxi firm "Baschardost" can provide both saloon cars and also three 8-seater people-carriers. Tel.02631-22222. We suggest that you reserve in advance. The transfer will cost about 22,-EUR.

Reserved Bus Transfer

Larger groups of up to 70 persons can hire transport tailored to their needs from the bus company "Zickenheiner". Tel. 0261/98461-40 (Herr Klaus Mann). Your reservation should be made 2 - 3 weeks before your planned visit.