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A day at MONREPOS just flies by

This is always the case when you’re enjoying yourself, especially when there is so much to do, like here

No matter whether you are on your own or in a “pack”, a nature lover or a bookworm, sporty or a connoisseur, young or old – everyone has a good time here. So make sure to plan a little bit more time for your visit to MONREPOS.

Between the UNESCO World Heritage region „Oberes Mittelrheintal“ and the Roman frontier „Obergermanisch-Rätischer Limes“ are a number of further possibilities for excursions which can easily be combined with your day spent at MONREPOS.

We are happy to help you in planning your own personal excursion.


Children are the smartest researchers…

…and the harshest critics

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For this reason alone they are already our most important guests

and at MONREPOS we allow them to behave like children. Where can they do this better than in the “adventure playground” archaeology, located in the car-free MONREPOS woods? Child-friendly events for families tell the story of how we became human using fun, action, creativity and a great deal of attention to detail. We are happy to plan childrens’ birthday parties or family celebrations with you. Just so that everything suits you perfectly.

Enjoy something tasty in the Bistro Heimathirsch in our Foyer. Or on our panorama terrace overlooking the Central Rhine Valley. We can also cater for groups and parties in a suitable setting by appointment.

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With the pack

 Company events

MONREPOS doesn’t only provide a unique museum experience. It also offers an inimitable event location. In an exclusive setting with exceptional ambience, at Monrepos your original and made-to-measure event concept meets that certain something.

After all, the archaeologists were able to investigate the great grandmother of events – the Gönnersdorf site – right outside their front door. We have known how to party for 40,000 years. Archaeology shows us this. The event specialists at MONREPOS can help you plan what you would do differently in the here and now.

We have just the thing for active people

MONREPOS is one of the junctions of the well planned network of paths and tracks between the Romantic Rhine and the Westerwald forest.

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The Rheinsteig and Rheinhöhenweg routes run right through MONREPOS

Established in 2015, the „Fürstenweg“ (Princes' Route) is a branch of the Rheinsteig route which starts and finishes at the Schloss Monrepos car park. Moreover, other rambler routes, for example the Rheinhöhenweg also pass by Monrepos. Limeswanderweg, Westerwaldsteig and Wiedweg are all immediately accessible. We are happy to help plan your walking or cycling route around Monrepos, whether crossing paths suitable for childrens’ prams or buggies or a tour over several days. You will find suggestions for itineraries in the Museum.

tl_files/monrepos/content/Miterleben/5-Ein schoener Tag/Bilder/Rheinsteig_Partner_logo.jpg MONREPOS is a partner of the Rheinsteig and has committed itself to catering for the particular wishes and requirements of ramblers.


Our tip: From MONREPOS you can reach the picturesque village of Leutesdorf and its vineyards after a ca. 2 hours walk by using the Rheinsteig together with an alternative walking route. A wonderful day trip which you can begin right at the Museum.

Winegrowing Village Leutesdorf



Schloss Monrepos lies at the centre of the historic ensemble of buildings belonging to the royal summer residency

From here one enjoyed the peace of the forest and the view out across the upper Central Rhine Valley, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Castles and fortresses are the starting points for the Romantic Rhineland. Steeped in legend, the romantic landscape of the Rhine Valley, with its rocky crags, forested heights and sheer vineyards continues to enchant visitors to the present day.

Our tip: The historic buildings at MONREPOS (hunting lodge, royal stables, Hahnhof farm and royal cemetery) are connected by an attractive circular route. The 1,5 km long path is suitable for childrens’ prams or buggies and offers an intimate view across the Rhine Valley, far removed from traffic and the tourist track.

The historic buildings are still lived in today and cannot be viewed from inside. Please respect the privacy of their occupants and do not trespass on the properties.

Tip for a summer Sunday: The beautifully restored Rommersdorf Abbey offers free guided tours on Sundays. More informationen under:  

Rommersdorf Abbey

archaeology +

Monrepos and surroundings have always been in the spotlight of world history

How our history continued…

This is shown by the younger archaeological sites in the environs of Monrepos. In the Roman period, in particular, the Central Rhineland and the surrounding uplands occupied an important economical and strategical position. Evidence for this are the ruins of a Roman fort in Niederbieber and of course the Roman frontier, the limes.

Our tip: We recommend a visit to the Volcano Park on the other side of the Rhine.

Volcano Park

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Museum Bistro Heimathirsch
„Cuisine Sauvage“

Something’s cooking in the research kitchen and we are serving up the fragrant and tasty results. On your plate you’ll find the latest Old Stone Age trends, ranging from simple and good to culinary refinement.

Nutrition is one of the main themes of our research. Let us surprise you with the taste of the authentic Palaeolithic diet and immerse yourself in our “aromatic archaeology”. Just between us: in our Bistro “Heimathirsch” everyone will find something to like – since we also know the favourite tastes of people today.

Taste yourself back in time. The focus of our Museum cuisine is highly regional and seasonal. Alongside game dishes inspired by the Palaeolithic we also offer a refined selection of contemporary dishes created from the best ingredients. Weather permitting, our terrace offers panoramic views over the Rhine Valley.

We are happy to cater for larger groups
from your family celebration to your company event.

Our tips:

"Guided Tour and Breakfast"
With reservation:
every Sunday
Breakfast from 10 am
Basic Guided Tour at 11.30 am
Inclusive price:
€ 17,50 per person
€ 30,00 for two persons

Guided Tour "Nutrition"
and three-course Palaeolithic Menu
Reservation only
Second Friday of every month, 6 pm
Inclusive price:
€ 42.00 per person
€ 70.00 for two persons

Opening times "Heimathirsch"
Tuesday - Saturday 12 am - 6 pm
Sunday and holidays 10 am - 6 pm

SWR video Palaeo-Evening

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Outlook Shopping


odds and ends

The focus of our archaeological research also provides the thematic inspiration for the range of books and gifts on offer in our Museum Shop.

Here in at MONREPOS we offer an assortment of gifts inspired by the Ice Age, from the cuddly toy mammoth to a range of accessories for home and wardrobe inspired by hunting-related themes. And we sate your hunger for more knowledge on our subject with a range of books extending from light reading through popular science to the scientific works published by our own institute.

We even offer well known finds from the Old Stone Age – sorry, of course not the original specimens! However, you will find a limited edition of hand-crafted reproductions of the “Venus of Willendorf” or of our very own “Venuses” from Neuwied-Gönnersdorf, female images which were treasured by Ice Age people.

Young researchers thirsty for knowledge can dig around in the old explorer’s chest. Here they can find real prehistoric shark teeth, mammoth ivory, picture books and science books, play figures of extinct animals and much more…

There is a good chance that a turn around the parquet floor of our Shop with Outlook will provide a final pirouette for your stimulating Museum visit.